Fitz begins his journey

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Don’t ask how I took this selfie!  What an adventure I have had. First, I had a great time playing with Trigger and then suddenly, mama made me get in this strange car with those men and all this stuff. There was barely room for me in her lap but Trig had it worse in the back seat with Jeff. I told Trig I could bite Jeff if he bothered him. We drove for a very long time. Mama was chatting  and the man from the basement was talking about carpet, design and women. He seems fairly confused on much of it. Mama was wise and comforting. She always sounds smart to me and she calls me “good boy” a lot.

Well, then we pulled into a parking lot and mama said I had to do my business. How could I do that when there was so much excitement. The pressure to perform was just to much until they let Trigger out of the car. He showed we the perfect spot and then it was a rush to squeeze back into that car.

I can barely describe what happened next. Mama shoved me into some kind of black bag and told me that I had to be a good dog. It seemed like we were on a secret mission. I am sure it was about spies and there was danger all around because mama kept telling me it was going to be ok.

One time she took me out of the bag and I stayed really still in her arms, but then she put me back in the evil bag. At least she let me put my head out so I could see. And boy did I see sights and wonders as mama would say!

I have never seen so many people of all types hurrying around!  We went on a train and then we went way up with people across from us going down. I don’t get the rules of the spy game. Many of them smiled and pointed at me and others just looked at their cell phones.

Mama must be very important because we went to what she called a club room. Mr Jeff got her a drink or was it two but he stayed far from us. I don’t think he wanted to be spotted with us. Must have been part of the spy game. I liked it in the club. People were nice to me and one took my picture. I was worried that it might show up on a milk carton one day.

While we were in the club, mama took me on a special op. We went into a big room with little rooms in it and mama let me out!  She put on my leash and I got to smell everything!  Just as I thought this was so much fun, mama grabbed me and stuffed me into that bag again. I did not cooperate this time but mama is very persistent.

Here is where it got really scary. After a long walk with me in that bag, we got on an airplane!  Can you believe it?  Me flying?!  It was just like in a movie. I did everything mama told me to do so that the spies would not eject me without a parachute. I was sure it could have happened.

Mr. Jeff sat across from us. This lady was by the window with a seat in between them. She was smart to keep her distance. Before we took off she made him let her out and she moved to another row. I agree it is best to keep your distance with that man. He seemed sad about it and just curled up across all 3 seats. He pretended to sleep but I kept an eye on him just in case he tried to attack in the night.

Mama was lucky that a nice lady sat by the window with us. She showed mama a picture of her little dog. The lady was nice to me and mama let her pet me. I guess she was on our team.

Did you know they give out food on the plane?  Mama shared a grilled chicken salad with me. It even had a strawberry in it!  Once the food was gone, it got really quiet and mama watched some movies. I mostly slept so I didn’t follow the plot too good. Just when I was getting into the whole thing, mama made me go into hiding at her feet. I knew that I had to just keep on zipping the lip or it would be curtains for us both!

We bounced when the plane landed so I hung on for dear life!  And just like that we got off and I was sure the game was over at last and I would be back home!

Wrong. We stood in line for an hour. A whole hour with mama saying I was a big boy. She made friends with some nice lady and they talked while I kept a look out for evil doers.

Mama finally took me outside and I had no idea where in the heck we were!  There was mostly concrete but I spotted some plants and drug mama over to check it out. I really didn’t need to pee but I teased mama like I did. It was so much fun!

By now, I should have known the game was not over when I found myself back in the bag and on another plane. It all began to be a blur. Mama said something about a spy named Altitude that was bothering her. I looked around but never figured out where he was hiding.

Getting pushed around and hiding in the bag was getting really exhausting. I did not want to play any more on planes and I told mama that with my eyes. She really understands me and so the next part of the trip was in a taxi. That way I could just be in mama’s lap where it is safe.

I don’t know how long it took but we finally stopped and I got to jump out of the car and run around! Apparently no spies followed us and mama said we were safe at last!

Mama and I have a very nice room here and I am starting to have some adventures which I will tell you about later. Meanwhile, just know that I love you and my friends. Tell Willie that he people here speak his language!  When I bark they seem to think it is funny so I must work on my translation skills. Have a great day and I will keep you posted in case mama disappears and you need to come get me. Hugs and treats!  Fitz

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