Fitz, the Pool Inspector


Wow has it been busy!  Every morning I have patrol the grounds to make sure it is safe for my mama. I check where the workers are on finishing the back yard and I go next door and make sure Jim and Shirley are up.

I have convinced mama that Kibble is for babies and I am a big dog. She made me some yummy chicken and rice with broccoli so I hope she will give it to me everyday!

Mama and Jeff have been very busy. They left me next door for a whole day Monday so they could go work on their visas. I am lucky that the agents at the airport approved me there. Humans take more screening which I totally get.

I like Jim and Shirley’s yard so I inspect it for them when we go over for drinks at sunset. They give me water in my very own dish. Mama drinks wine and sometimes they eat there. I get treats!

Mama says our stuff will be here in about 6 weeks. She hopes it gets here before Dave and Donna come. I just want my hoofs. Why did mama pack all my good stuff?

Today a man came to measure for a nice screen door on the front. Mama talked about making the bottom solid so I can’t scratch the screen. She likes to open the front door for the breeze but I don’t like it when flies come in and bother me.

Got to run now!  Mama and Mr Jeff are going to play cards so I must keep a look out. Caio!

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