Fitz Takes a Dive


I’ve got to admit that I didn’t want to write this story until I was certain that it had a happy ending. Palm Sunday was another lovely day here on the coast and optimism was in the air. Jeff decided it was time to try again at bonding with Fitz. Yes, Fitz has bitten him six times and growls at him whenever he comes in the room, but Jeff is a trooper, determined to not let a 12-lb mutt get the better of him. So, they went for a walk on the beach and Jeff even got him to swim in the ocean just a bit. As the walked up the hill, I thought they both looked pretty pleased with themselves.

Fitz was on his leash so Jeff just took him upstairs and said the boys were going to hang out awhile. That’s when the trouble started. They hadn’t been upstairs very long, when Jeff came down and announced that he couldn’t find Fitz. He said that he had gone out on the balcony to read and saw Fitz run up the steps to the roof out of the corner of his eye. When he didn’t see him come back, he went up there to check. The roof is just a flat one with about short lip around it. We both went back up there calling him and searching under the bed and in the closet. No Fitz. So, I came downstairs and there he was at the back door! When I opened it, the poor thing ran in, cried and jumped onto the low chair. I tried to touch him but he yelped in pain! He was shaking and crying, but I didn’t see any obvious signs of trauma. How he fell off the roof is mystery and Fitz is not talking.

On a Sunday at 3pm, what are the chances of finding a vet in coastal Ecuador? Turns out, with the help of Deb from the expat forum and my neighbor, Shirley, we reached Dr Otto in nearby Vildivia. The taxi driver, Eduardo knew him and was so helpful getting us there, going for medicine and helping the doctor. Dr Otto had to put a muzzle on him, but he was so gentle and caring. He determined there were no broken bones but his back leg seemed to be what was causing the pain. Fitz was a trooper and after a series of pain shots and some pills to give him later, I paid $30 and brought him home.

The first night was horrible with the poor guy crying and howling for hours, but even the next day he walked down the stairs on his own. There was a whopper of bruise on the inside of one back leg and he had to be on a liquid diet for 10 days to get his system running properly. Other than that, you’d never know that Fitz tried to fly off the roof.

Meanwhile, Fitz is back to greeting Jeff with that low growl until I leave and then he is up his lap. The roof remains off limits to little dogs!

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