For 40 years,  I traveled the world, met amazing people and experienced incredible adventures.  An old boss once told me it was so nice that “you have made a life out of your job.”  I think he meant it was great that I had made real friendships with colleagues, customers and suppliers.  He was right that most of my friends are people in the flooring or A&D world.  Those are the people that gave me that best retirement party ever.  You drove in the rain from all over to help celebrate.  And those who could not come sent tons of greetings.  It was a wonderful evening in February to celebrate a career that gave me opportunities I could never have imagined:  200 trips to San Destin with thousands of designers and customers; 25 NeoCons; dozens of trips to Europe, Asia and every city in North America; Hall of Fame/Doc Awards with the best of the best; hundreds of sales meeting trips from Maui with Interface to Barcelona with Tarkett; thousands of IIDA gatherings; and memorable dinners in some of the best restaurants in the world. I remember so many wonderful people and the laughter we shared.

IMG_3856But now I have quite literally left all that behind and moved to Montanita, Ecuador where I am no longer defined by a job or the past.  It’s a great place to just chill and listen to the waves pounding the sand.  I still have places to go and people to see, but for awhile at least I’m enjoying slowing down and having no more than one action item per day.  You can bet I will still have colorful adventures and that I won’t be able to resist giving some “creative direction” when asked (or maybe unsolicited). There’s room for guest and my phone works, so stay in touch and come back here to share colorful thoughts!

Thoughts to ponder:

Will Fitz become a water dog?

Are the skies at sunset really the Pantone colors of the year?

How high do the waves get at the point?

Will I ever get tired of ceviche?

When will you come visit?